A new Pokemon game is on the horizon

A new Pokemon installment is coming soon; here’s why you should care.


Game Freak

Image of the two logos for Pokemon: Sword and Shield over the game’s map.

After the recent installments of last year’s Lets Go Eeevee and Lets Go Pikachu!, fans of the Pokémon franchise have been craving a more challenging and innovative game on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has heard the fans prayers and publicly announced new games Pokémon: Sword and Pokemon: Shield. Set in an entirely new region, and subsequently a new generation, this game could become the next game changer for Nintendo’s newest console after the outstanding success of last year’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sword and Shield will take place in the Galar region, and people have been quick to notice the map’s similarities to Britain. An overview of the region from Gamespot points this out, writing “based on what we’ve seen so far, Galar looks to be very heavily inspired by the UK. It’s full of cottages and Victorian architecture, and an overview even showed a tall clock tower that appears similar to the famous Big Ben tower in London, England.”

Image from the trailer showcasing an overhead shot of the Galar region map.

With a new generation comes new starter Pokémon. Boasting the standard fire/water/grass starters, fans have already determined which starter they plan to choose between the laid-back Grookey, the energetic Scorbunny, and the timid Sobble.

Image taken of the new Pokemon starters for Sword and Shield.

While there’s sure to be new Pokémon for players to add to their Pokédex, older Pokemon that fans have gotten attached to are sure to return. The trailer shows fan favorites such as Lucario, Pikachu, and Tyranitar to appeal to longtime fans.

The news that this game will be on the Switch is potentially groundbreaking. Pokémon has long been a primarily handheld franchise, and while the Pokken Tournament and Let’s Go games were entertaining on the Switch, they simply cannot compare to the traditional adventure of a main Pokémon game that can be played both in your hands and on your television. This is what fans have been waiting for since the Switch and its capabilities were first announced.

Image of two Pokemon trainers preparing to do battle from the new trailer.

Since 1998, Pokémon  has been a household name in the United States. Fans have grown up with this series since childhood, and have remained loyal through each iteration. However, there’s a general consensus amongst the fandom that the latest generation—generation seven, to be specific—is the weakest to date. However, with an entirely new region to explore and Pokémon to capture, the future does look bright for generation eight.