Interstellar: Christopher Nolan’s most captivating film

A sci-fi thriller like no other.


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Cooper in an unimaginable world.

During an unspecified time in the future where the dirt is infertile and human population has dwindled, Matthew McConaughey leaves his family behind in search of a new home for the human race. Christopher Nolan’s 9th feature film Interstellar, released in 2014, took leaps in the sci-fi genera and created one of today’s most ambitious films.

Actors Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Jessica Chastain and Matt Damon bring this movie to life with incredible performances. A brilliant cast directed by the legendary Christopher Nolan, make this a film different than any other space travel film. With a suspenseful score by Hans Zimmer to round it out, Interstellar shows viewers just how much of a mystery is behind time and space in our universe.

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Cooper and his daughter Murph gazing at the stars.

On the dying and near uninhabitable planet Earth, “Cooper” played by Matthew McConaughey is a down-to-earth farmer with a son Tom and a daughter Murph. When a mysterious Worm Hole supposedly leading to possible habitable planets appears, Cooper is asked to be on a team of astronauts to find a new place for humans to live. The insanely creative mind of Nolan provides a never before imagined sci-fi thriller filled with some of the most suspenseful and intense space sequences to date.

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Black hole planet “Gargantua”.

The beauty in this film comes in the way Christopher Nolan’s directing blends seamlessly with Hans Zimmer’s score. Multiple techniques were used such as the “Ticking Clock” method, basically meaning that a time endpoint gives intense narrative drive and suspense but at the cost of texture and subtlety. An action sequence where there is a ticking bomb has been seen too many times, and causes the viewers to lose focus. When the audience figures out the story techniques used behind the scenes, their emotion is pulled away and your movie magic is gone. Nolan uses the ticking clock technique in a creative way by hiding it within Hans Zimmer’s Score. Every time a subtle time queue in the dialogue was mentioned, the score would begin with a ticking clock blended and disguised into the music, creating the ticking bomb suspense without your body even knowing it.

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The astronauts on “Millers planet”.

Interstellar’s unique way of showing space gives viewers a scarier look into the vast unknown. Emphasizing more on the dark, unforgiving, and ambiguous side of the universe, Nolan’s worlds not only amaze but frighten viewers. The film’s question of “what is our purpose,” is very well represented emotionally throughout the film and brings to light bigger conflicts beyond their current situation. The final sequences of the movie shatter your expectations by bringing you a mind bending end to an odyssey of a movie.

Interstellar has a driving narrative with a lovable cast of characters that takes you on a true journey; the unique imagination behind the movie is unmatched and delivers one of films most daring ideas come to life.