Apple Music or Spotify Premium?

Apple music and Spotify Premium offer similar services, but which one do students around campus prefer?


Sam Hewitt

Apple music versus Spotify premium

In today’s society, music is a major part of our lives, especially for teenagers in high school. Seventy percent of 13-32 year olds in one survey stated they would not be able to get through one week without listening to music. With this current demand for music, many platforms have become available for listening to music. Students around the Wiregrass campus were interviewed to see whether they prefer Apple Music or Spotify Premium, two of the top rated music platforms.

Both subscriptions offer similar services. Apple music works seamlessly with iTunes and allows you to stream music from pretty much any location, whereas Spotify Premium is known for no interruptions from advertisements while listening.

Apple music is $9.99 each month; however, college students are eligible to subscribe for $4.99 each month. Apple music allows listeners to: listen online or offline, stream ad-free music and music videos, download 100,000 songs to your library, listen access across all your devices, see what your friends are listening to, includes original shows, concerts, and exclusives, and has the ability to stream Beats 1 radio and allows access for up to six people. Apple music is up-to-date with the IOS updates and functions as an Apple product, however Android users are able to subscribe as well.

Apple music logo.

Spotify Premium is Android and Apple friendly. This subscription runs at the same price as Apple music: $9.99 each month. Spotify Premium also offers a student package that is specifically directed towards college students. Students are eligible for a Hulu account at an additional price of $4.99 each month when subscribed to Spotify Premium. In short, they are getting Spotify premium and Hulu for $14.99 each month. Spotify Premium allows listeners to: play any track, listen offline, has no ad interruptions and offers unlimited skips with high quality audio.

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Senior Julia Leck prefers Spotify when listening to music.

“Even though Spotify and Apple Music both have family plans and they are both the same price, Spotify makes playlists for you based on what you listen to. Also, Spotify has playlists for the Top Hits and other genres of music that you listen to and you can follow your friends Spotify’s account to listen to their music,” Leck explained.

Junior  Sean O’Brien uses both platforms, but uses Apple more.

“I use Apple music now because with Spotify I have to share logins with my family and we can’t use the app at the same time. With Apple music my whole family can play music at the same time,” O’Brien said.

Junior Sean O’Brien listening to “Splashin” by Rich The Kid on Apple Music.

Both Apple music and Spotify premium offer trial runs for free. Apple music offers three free months of music, whereas Spotify premium only allows 30 days of free music. Another notable difference between Apple music and Spotify Premium is that Spotify offers only 35 million songs whereas Apple music offers 45 million songs.

Sophomore Zoi Evans uses Apple music.

“I prefer Apple music because you can share music with your friends and you can have followers who follow and listen to your playlists,” Sophomore Zoi Evans stated.

Freshman Garret Mack thinks Apple music is the better option as well.

“It’s easier to use than Spotify and I like how there are playlist already made, as well as the top charts,” Mack explained.

The students of Wiregrass seem to agree that Apple music is the more preferred music listening platform from those polled. What is your preference?



Apple Music or Spotify Premium?

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