Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch” is a movie of its own breed

Bandersnatch brings a choose your own adventure book to life in a stunning film where you determine how the movie ends.



Main character “Stefan” when you are presented with your first big decision.

Hit Netflix exclusive Black Mirror took the internet by storm in 2011 with its first season. Known for delivering unique, dark, and interesting stories consisting of a different cast and plot every episode, the show has excelled at retaining viewers, keeping them locked in episode after episode. Soon after Christmas, the series released its first movie, Bandersnatch, which made viewers not just follow, but choose themselves the story of 19 year old Stefan Butler.

Stefan, Colin, and Mohan observing Colin’s new video game.

When following Butler, a young programmer in the late 80’s of Great Britain, the viewer is presented with choices, varying from those as simple as choosing what cereal you eat in the morning to ones more drastic such as deciding whether you jump off of the roof of a sixty story building. Each decision you make affects how the rest of the story plays out leading to multiple interesting endings that help you understand the story while also keeping the movie open-ended. Each unique ending causes the viewer to explore more of what the movie is truly about.

Main character “Stefan” wondering what has happened to his present life.

One great thing about Bandersnatch is its high replay value. Viewers will play through the film over and over again searching for secrets and different endings. Every time you watch this movie, you pick up on more of the hints the films provides, giving you a more in-depth story. Everyone that watches gets a different experience, then re-watches to get an alternate one. Many have taken to social media to converse about what options they chose and the consequent plot twist, causing the movie to spread like wildfire.

A Bandersnatch fan posting about their confusion and interest on Twitter.

This kind of film has never been made or even attempted before and critics have taken notice. Jen Chaney from The Vulture says “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a gargantuan, extremely meta commentary on Netflix and the way we watch television in 2018. Or: It’s the most ingenious attempt to troll TV critics ever executed.”

Bandersnatch seamlessly blends a choose-your-own-adventure book into the film world. The choice the creators made was bold and has paid off by being one of the most engaging movies to date.

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