Marvel’s “Spider-Man” for PS4 is a movement-based masterpiece

Perfect movement combined with exiting game play makes for a modern day classic from Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Insomniac Games

Spiderman posing for a photo in the new game.

One of the world’s most beloved superheroes, Spider-Man, swings back onto home consoles with a new game on the PS4, to the immense praise of many critics. Set in New York City, the “Amazing” Spider-Man swings around and fights multiple villains to combat crime in the Big Apple.

This game has been praised for the beautiful graphics, fluid movement, and exciting moments. “This game completely changes the game when it comes to physics,” said Jason Gastrow on Dunkeys review. There’s simply nothing better than swinging from building to building around the city of New York, letting you get lost in the concrete jungle and really explore the game’s in-depth environment.

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No matter how you imagine a Spider-Man game should play, this game will exceed your expectations. The web physics are so precise; I was entranced during my first play-through, with most of my hours invested into being sidetracked and roaming throughout the city. The gadgets that the webbed crusader possesses are constantly being used in inventive ways that make the player feel like you can really approach the fights any way you want. This game also packs multiple unforgettable moments that will glue you to your couch for hours on end.

As much as Spider-Man PS4 is praised, it is not flawless. The most compelling aspect of this game is actually being the character of Spider-Man; but multiple times across the game you play a section as a character other than your friendly neighborhood spider. The missions where you have to play as Mary Jane or Miles Morales are simply not as interesting in comparison to the exciting and fast-paced fights of Spidey. Trailing missions were another weak spot of the game; nothing feels like more of a waste of time than a mission where you are set to follow something for a set amount of time. The game has an unusually high amount of cutscenes that can really hinder the immersion of the player.

Overall, the game is fun to play and has some of the most innovative technology of the new generation of games. IGN went as far as to give the game a “flawless” 10/10 score.  Sprinkled with some slow-paced parts, the game isn’t perfect, but it does a great job of delivering the iconic Spider Man experience fans have waited for, and is a must have for everyone that owns a Playstation 4 or is a fan of the web crawler.