Don’t Breathe Movie Review

Dont Breathe movie poster

Don’t Breathe movie poster

For a relatively low budget movie, Fede Alvarez pulled off a thrilling masterpiece with “Don’t Breathe.”

The premise of the movie is very basic with a simple concept.  The movie is about a blind geriatric veteran whom recently received $300k in a settlement for the loss of his daughter in a car accident. Essentially, three young adult delinquents set their hopes on breaking into his dilapidated Detroit home with the massive fortune inside, thinking it’ll be easy to execute.

The plot quickly thickens as the three perpetrators discover that this “disabled” veteran is far from disabled due to his blindness. He is sightless, but far from helpless. Because of this, it’s not clear cut who the antagonist is versus the protagonist.

Dialogue was very limited throughout the entire movie, which worked well, because the characters body language expressed their thoughts and motives. It was terrifying despite using a minimal amount of words. Fede Alvarez did a great job using sound effects to instill constant tension without ever growing too hectic or too overblown. I would describe it as a cat and mouse game, not knowing who was going to make the next move.

Zach Taylor, a Wiregrass Ranch High School Junior, could do nothing but sing praise of “Don’t Breathe.”

“Fede Alvarez put on a masterclass of how to craft a suspenseful film,” said Taylor. “Don’t Breathe” is perfect title for this movie, because when they’re not breathing, you’re not breathing!

“Don’t Breathe” is in theaters now.