The Marvel cinematic universe’s long-lasting legacy

For over 10 years, the Marvel cinematic universe has given us high quality entertainment without ever falling from grace.


For over ten years, Marvel has built one of the most successful film franchises of all time, both critically and financially. Each film is crafted to differ from each other, yet all connect to add to the grand scope and expansion of this universe. Many other movie studios have tried to mimic the style and success of the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) in order to build a universe and make as much money, but all have failed to capture the success and appeal that make the MCU so special to the public. So the question is how has the MCU been able to continue to keep making good movies while never getting repetitive and falling flat on their faces? I believe it is of two things: duality of narrative and the handling of characters.

The evolution of the Marvel Logo.

If there’s one thing that the MCU does flawlessly, it’s showing perspective from different characters and stories within the universe. Each character has different reactions to what happens in each Marvel movie/TV show and each movie or TV show has their own story going on in the universe that is only getting bigger and bigger. And through this, there is more variety in terms of world building and different types of stories to be told.

It gives me the sense that the universe is a living place with people that have their own adventures and problems happening. Throughout Phase 1, 2, and 3 we have seen the MCU combine genres that would best fit the character’s film while having its own story being told. The movies range from Sci-Fi adventures, Crime-dramas, Spy-Esque thrillers, studies of culture and leadership, or a coming of age high school story. The MCU is packed with variety of stories and tones.

They also have a deep understanding of their characters and how to write for them. Each character has their own personality, goals, and stakes to add to the universe and most importantly, their own movie. This is what many studios often fail to do when trying make their own cinematic universe. They try so desperately to expand their world and bring their characters together so fast that we barley know anything about them.

Each Marvel Film to come out before Avengers Infinity War.

Marvel solved this problem by giving each of their characters their own movie or TV show to flesh them out. And even characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther, who were both in Civil War before their own films, were important to the plot of Civil War and were given enough motivation and personality to be likable and remembered by the audience. This also applies to the Netflix TV shows as each character is given their own 13-episode series before coming together in the defenders. So what Marvel has taught us here is that we must give a franchise legs before we can expect them to stand.

In a film industry of many people trying to copy the success of the MCU, Marvel stands on top no matter what. That is because they have done the hard work to add life and diversity to their universe while creating complex and entertaining characters. Marvel from Iron Man all the way to Infinity War has been special to not only just me, but many others who watch them. No matter what, I have confidence that they will deliver with each film that they make and continue to keep making enjoyable films.