Black Panther rules at Box Office

Poster image of cast

Poster image of cast

Black Panther is going into it’s 3rd week as the number one movie in the Box Office. Marvel has had a great string of movies, and they continue the trend with their newest release, Black Panther. The character was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, and now the character is getting his own movie. This movie is about the procession of power in the country of Wakanda; T’Challa (Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman) returns home after the events of Civil War and is challenged by a powerful enemy that has come to test his strength.

With Marvel Studios releasing two more superhero movies this year, they have set a high bar at the beginning of the year. Black Panther had a lot going for it. It wasn’t crammed with jokes like the movies usually are, which was a welcome change to have something more serious. The best part of Black Panther was Eric Killmonger, who was played by Michael B. Jordan. He wasn’t the typical big boss bad guy that’s doing something evil just because he likes to be evil, this villain brought a sense of conviction and passion behind his goals of becoming the new king of Wakanda.

Image of Black Panther

The CGI was amazing, everything looked nice and real, it all flowed very smoothly. My only complaints were about the fight scenes and filler scenes. The fight scenes had a lot of jump cuts and at times it’s hard to tell whats going on and the meaningless filler scenes weren’t very necessary or interesting as to what was going on.

My final thoughts about Black Panther is that I enjoyed it; it was a cool movie to watch, the soundtrack was great and very relevant to the setting, and visually it was very well done. I liked the characters and the story, I’m excited for what’s coming out next and after this production; I know it’s going to be good. I’d give Black Panther 9 out of 10 stars, it’s a great movie to see.

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