“Iron Fist” Review

Iron Fist Review

“Iron Fist,” the new Marvel series on Netflix has officially been released. The show had a lot of buzz and was expected to have great potential, but after watching the show it was a minor let down; the whole show just seemed like it could have done better.

Despite having a great origin story and cast, the show’s writing is underwhelming and very predictable. While watching, I felt as though I could predict what would happen next, and, while watching a show like this, that is not what you want. Even the parts that were surprising, felt like they could have been done better. The overall dialogue of the show is not very good, as it is filled with cliche lines, and the occasional uncomfortable silence. The producers could have invested in a better writing team.

There was definitely parts of the series that I thoroughly enjoyed. Some of the action I felt was well done and exciting, despite some bad CGI. However, that is to be expected from a television show like this one. I also like how the show mixes rich powerful elites’ misery along with the homeless’ struggles, which is a cool thing that the show added on. I also like how the show flashes back to the kids’ childhood, showing how the relationships of the children relate to the relationships of the people as adults.

Iron Fist is definitely not the best show you can find on Netflix, or even the best Marvel series; however, the show is watchable and not completely unbearable. There are multiple positives to the show, but in the end the negatives outweigh them, and they cause the show to be somewhat of a disappointment. Marvel can definitely improve the show in the further seasons, but until then I could not recommend it.