The game that will go down in Champions League history


The logo of FC Barcelona that will go down in history forever.

On February 14th, in the Parc De Princes, Paris, the final whistle blew in the fist leg between Paris St. Germain (PSG) and FC Barcelona, with PSG emerging victorious with an astonishing 6-1 win over one of the best teams in the world.

The Barcelona players seemed deflated by the final whistle, but the PSG players knew how hard the game at Barcelona would be. A day before the second leg, Barcelona manager Luis Enrique who recently announced this would be his last season in charge said in a conference, “If PSG can score four Barcelona can score six.”

Once the day came in Barcelona, the words “Believe” were displayed around the Camp Nou and the atmosphere in the stadium was anxious and rowdy as kick off neared. The game was the only chance Barcelona would have to go through to the quarterfinals.

By halftime, Barcelona were up 2-0 and suffocating PSG who looked a shadow of the team from the first leg. About two minutes into the second half, Neymar playing on the left wing cut inside and won a penalty and it was easily converted by Lionel Messi, and the fans started to believe because with two more goals Barcelona would go through.

Around the 60th minute, PSG took advantage of a confused Barcelona defense and scored. Once the ball hit the back of the net the stadium had gone into complete silence as the PSG players wheeled away in celebration after what they thought was a for sure route to the quarterfinals.

In the 88th minute, Neymar won a free kick in what seemed like an impossible position to score at, but he somehow managed to perfectly place it where no keeper in the world would’ve ever reached. It was 4-1 with only two minutes of regulation time left.

In the first minute of injury time, Luis Suarez, Barcelona’s second top scorer won a controversial penalty, and stepped up Neymar who put on the best performance of any player in that game, scoring the penalty. All of a sudden the Camp Nou was roaring and believed that their was enough time to score another.

It was the 94th minute when Neymar crossed the ball into the area and it was hit right back to him; he put an exquisite ball back into the area and substitute Sergi Roberto who was playing at right back somehow latched onto the ball, knocking it over PSG keeper Kevin Trapp. At that moment the Camp Nou exploded as fans went absolutely crazy, and players celebrated running all over the field. PSG were quick to restart the game and tried to kick the ball upfield as fast as they could, but it was no use as the ref had blown the final whistle and players and fans alike celebrated.

The game was filled with madness and Barcelona broke a record for being the first team to turnover a 4-0 defeat in the first leg by putting on a masterful display in their home that will go down in history.

You can watch clips from the game here.