Boys Varsity Soccer Senior Night

2017 Varsity Soccer seniors

2017 Varsity Soccer seniors

It was an eventful night for the Wiregrass Ranch boys soccer team on January 19th, as the evening’s game was the Senior Night match where they came out with everything they had to beat Fivay High School.

A senior night game at Wiregrass is an occasion where families, students, players, and coaches come together to honor the seniors on the team and their accomplishments, usually at the end of the season. During halftime all the underclass players lined up in two rows as the seniors and their families walked down the field, gaining applause and respect from all spectators. When they reached the end of the field, they took a quick family photo.

This was a momentous game for the seniors, as it was their final game during the regular season. They capitalized with a 2-0 victory and celebrated by swarming the locker room, the air boisterous with chants and cheering.

The senior players have built strong relationships and will of course miss each other after they graduate, but coach David Wilson actually showed the most emotion.

“Of course I am emotional, especially with my son, Payton, on the team and this being his senior year,” Said Wilson. “We have some great guys on this team that I’m gonna miss, we’ve become more than just a team.”

The team also has underclassmen that will have the responsibility of filling in some big cleats, and Senior John Pease had a few words to support them.

“They just need to keep doing what they’re doing and keep practicing and playing and they will get better and better,” Said Pease.

The Bulls finished with a record of fifteen wins, four losses, and five ties. They went on to lose a neutral playoff game 3-1 against Steinbrenner, effectively ending their season.

2016-2017 Boys Varsity Soccer team