Color in Motion 5K race

Join the Color in MOtion 5-K in Orlando!

Join the Color in MOtion 5-K in Orlando!

Orlando’s annual Color in Motion 5-kilometer race will take place on Saturday, February 18th, at Bill Frederick Park. The race will begin at 9:00 AM, but it is recommended to arrive about half an hour early.

Participants will begin the race in white T-shirts which will quickly get covered in fun, bright colors. Throughout the course, there will be a total of five color blasters, where the colored powder will shoot out from. There will also be upbeat music at each color station as well as distorted mirrors to take selfies in.

The colored powder will usually wash right off afterwards, but it is still best for guests to wear clothes that can get dirty.

Sam Blake, a Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) senior, shares her experience at last year’s Color in Motion.

“I went last year and it was pretty fun. However, when I went they did not have music playing, so I think it will be even better this year,” says Blake.

General admission tickets will cost $50 per person. Each general admission attendee will receive a T-shirt, a race medal and entry into the race.

VIP tickets will cost $65 per person and include a T-shirt, a race medal, a sweatband, sunglasses, a bandanna, a drawstring bag and entry to the race.

Anyone who loves outdoor entertainment is encouraged to attend the Color in Motion 5-K . It can be enjoyable for people of all ages, athletic or not.