Chuck Lager America’s Tavern, a new dining experience


Justin Amis

Chuck Lager America’s Tavern opened at the Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel on Nov 9.

Despite the struggles of opening during a pandemic, Chuck Lager America’s Tavern has become a prime dining choice for Wesley Chapel residents. The restaurant has raised the bar for dining experiences offered throughout the Tampa Bay area with its extensive cuisine options and impressive staff etiquette.

Owned and operated by entrepreneur Anthony Sandstrom and business partner Brian Henry, the establishment is designed to create a one of a kind customer experience through its live entertainment and unique menu featuring many signature dishes.

Wiregrass alumni John Pease and Karlye Finn enjoy a meal at Chuck Lager. (Justin Amis)

Through trial and error, the menu has been perfected by celebrity chef, Fabio Viviani, to bring an urban, yet exciting taste to the table. Viviani has made various television appearances on: Ellen, Good Morning America, Top Chef, and hosted Chow Caio. He has also published many cookbooks, and won a Webby Award for Best Web Personality/Host.

“The restaurant has a very unique feel and the menu has a variety of options which I found very refreshing,” Wiregrass alumni John Pease said.

According to Chuck Lager America’s Tavern’s website, Chuck Lager was born in the midst of a climb at Mount Kilimanjaro which sparked his passion for adventure and unearthed his love for great cuisine through his many travels. Viviani met Lager in his grandmother’s kitchen and the two instantly connected over their shared passion of food.

The partnership between the three has paid off in dividends as the business expertise of Sandstrom compliments perfectly with Fabio’s culinary background to execute Lager’s vision to produce elevated American Tavern cuisine with and Italian, Asian, and Latin influence.

“We really try to keep it simple. We want to give a great quality product, with great service and hospitality, and deliver those two consistently,” Sandstrom explained. “We like to think our commitment to those two things provides a win-win for us and our guests.”

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Wiregrass alumni Karlye Finn believes Sandstrom has accomplished his goal.

“The atmosphere of the establishment, the thorough menu and staff all serve to remind customers that they aren’t at another chain restaurant where standards are held to a minimum. Rather, it’s a benchmark of what dining expectations should be,” Finn explained.

Wesley Chapel became a fitting choice for the location of the restaurant after much research.

“The more we looked at Wesley Chapel the more we fell in love with this area. The growth on the horizon was also appealing. We aren’t looking to have a Chuck Lager on every street corner, but [rather] in the right locations, where there is a synergy with this concept and the community,” Sandstrom said.

Sandstrom advocates Chuck Lager is a restaurant that welcomes all.

“Chuck Lager is a unique dining experience as we enjoy being a location you can visit for multiple reasons. Maybe date night or special occasion, eating with the family or with friends, catching a ball game, or stopping in for a bite after work,” Sandstrom explained. “We like being the place where you can feel comfortable coming multiple times a week and enjoying your experience no matter what the occasion is.”