Covid-19 impacts college recruitment


Michael Donley

Senior Grady Clower, three-year varsity starter, beats two players from Armwood.

Sports scholarships for student-athletes are affected as Covid-19 impacts the recruitment process. This creates potential difficulties for high school athletes to be noticed by NCAA recruiters as well as Division I, II, and III school recruiters.

Colleges face new challenges due to the Coronavirus, for instance, only being allowed to attend events that follow strict protocols assuming the events, such as tournaments and camps, have not been canceled. Colleges attending these events is a major component of the recruitment process in which high school athletes advance to the next level. Division I schools have suspended face-to-face recruiting and Division II schools have recently resumed regular recruiting after a “quiet period” where they also were not allowed to recruit as they ordinarily do. This has made recruitment opportunities difficult for athletes to come across.

“Covid has made recruiting hard because I haven’t been able to go to any showcase or recruiting camps this summer which has affected my exposure,” Senior football athlete Grady Clower said. 

Not only are colleges affected by this, but high school sports are also concerned about their athletic seasons. A student-athlete testing positive will postpone their team’s ability to practice and participate in games for a minimum of two weeks, whether other teammates test positive or not. In this case, everyone will be quarantined to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. 

“The possibility of games and practices being postponed due to Covid could greatly impact our team’s ability to perform, and make those highlight plays that colleges look for,” Athletic Director David Wilson said. 

Junior Rocco Becht, two-year varsity starter, completes a pitch to gain yards. (Michael Donley)

Another disadvantage due to Covid-19 is pre-season training. Many high school athletes were stripped of their ability to train during their offseason due to the closure of gyms and fitness centers. 

“Covid has mostly impacted my off-season training before this school year because all gyms were closed which meant you had to do your own thing at your house,” Junior Rocco Becht said. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted scholarship opportunities for high school athletes. Athletes looking to receive scholarships are required to work harder to bounce back from these setbacks. Although scholarship opportunities have become more difficult for many high school athletes, the potential for success is still within reach.

“This pandemic will show athletes’ true drive for success because when games and practices resume the athletes who put in the work will stand out,” Wilson explained. “If an athlete really wants to succeed in their sport they will find a way to do so.”