Tampa Bay Lightning bring home the Cup

The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup Monday after overcoming pandemic obstacles and major injuries on the team.


Christine Woryn

Fans gathered outside Amelie Arena to watch game six of the Stanley Cup series.

After having a rocky start to the series with a 4-1 loss in game one, the Tampa Bay Lightning managed to come back, winning the series in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals Monday evening, bringing the Cup home to Tampa for the first time since 2004.

The 2020 Stanley Cup Finals took place in Canada inside the “bubble” restrictions the NHL created to keep their season afloat. An experiment many were curious to see play out, the NHL managed to complete their season after isolating their teams, some for up to two months, with strict restrictions and daily Covid tests.

“I wish I was able to go to the games,” English teacher and lifelong fan Brittney Doane said. “Every year that they’ve been in the playoffs, we’ve attended the games and I definitely miss the atmosphere; there’s nothing like it.”

The first two games of the Stanley Cup series were played without the Lightning’s team captain, Steven Stamkos, due to injury. Stamkos made a brief return to the ice in Game three for a total of two minutes and 47 seconds, but made use of that time securing a much needed goal for Tampa Bay.

Fans gathered at Amalie Arena to watch game six of the Stanley Cup Final. (Christine Woryn)

“I was just so happy for him that he got to play in one game and make it count,” Sophomore Caroline Gordon said. “His presence on the ice had a big impact on the team.”

The Lightning entered game six up 3-2 in the series, and scored two goals in the first period. One scored by Brayden Point, marking his 14th goal in the playoffs, and the other scored by Blake Coleman, giving him a total of 5 goals during the playoffs.

The Lightning consistently held onto the puck, making it difficult for the Stars to make plays, only allowing Dallas to take 16 shots on goal and not giving up a single point.

Not only did the Lightning win the first major title since the coronavirus pandemic, but they also won the franchise their second Stanley Cup, creating excitement among Tampa Bay Lightning fans. Senior Cortney Green, a lifelong fan and fellow hockey player, couldn’t wait to congratulate her team.

“The second I finished school on Tuesday, I headed down to the airport to wait for the team to fly in and waited three hours in the pouring rain,” Green explained. “Watching Stamkos hoist the cup when he stepped off the plane is the best feeling in the world.”

The city of Tampa plans to celebrate this long-awaited victory with a socially-distanced boat parade and celebration at Raymond James Stadium with limited tickets available.

Celebration flyer from the Tampa Bay Lightning Twitter page. (Tampa Bay Lightning)