Get Big: 50 Songs to Work Out to

This playlist is strictly for people that are in the gym putting in work consistently. It’s not for the faint of heart.

“Lord Knows” is a single by Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill featuring Tory Lanez. The song was featured prominently in the critically acclaimed 2015 film “Creed.” The song is the epitome of the workout anthem; Mill is excellent at making this type of music, which is evident as he’s featured in numerous songs through the playlist.

Photo of Michael B. Jordan in Creed. (Cred:

Another song used by the movie “Creed” that’s featured in this playlist is “Hail Mary” by Tupac. Simply put, this beat knocks on any headphones or speaker system. This is one of those songs that can make even the smallest person in the gym feel like they’re untouchable.

Single Art for Tupac’s 1996 Hit “Hail Mary”. (Cred:

You may have heard Kendrick Lamar’s new single “HUMBLE”; it’s being used as ESPN’s soundtrack for the 2017 NBA Playoffs, and debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 100.  This may very well be the hardest song of Lamar’s discography, and the repetition of the hook “sit down, be humble” can make anyone feel like the Compton rapper is talking to them.

Single Artwork for Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” (Cred:

If you’re in the gym working out and need some motivation music to get a real sweat in, this playlist is sure to get you hyped.