The art of Bullet Journaling


A bullet journal day spread for February 23

Planning is important for every student, and bullet journaling is just one of many ways to do it. It is a relatively new method of planning that originated from a blog, and allows students to be more productive and focused.

Bullet journals are easy to set up and easy to use, and all you need to begin is a notebook and a pen. Many enthusiasts use grid or dotted pages in Moleskine-type journals, though any notebook can become a bullet journal.

Gridded pages of my personal bullet journal

Most journals start out with a key that can be varied based on what the user does on a daily basis. Some people choose to differentiate each activity by using different colors, though some prefer just a black pen. The best part about bullet journals is that they are all different.

The title “bullet journal” comes from the idea that this type of planning uses bullets or boxes to list tasks. When you finish a task, you cross it off or fill in the corresponding box. This method is basically a variation of any regular to-do list.

Bullet journaling benefits users because it helps people become more organized, focused, and productive. Writing down all tasks to be completed before starting is a proven way to increase productivity.

One optional part of bullet journaling that a lot of people find useful is habit tracking. A lot of people make charts that track different habits, such as drinking eight glasses of water daily, doing homework, exercising, waking up early, or any other habits you want to keep. Calendars are also helpful for many users.

A decorated calendar in my bullet journal for January

Some users also make mood trackers to track their feelings everyday, which has been praised for increasing happiness.

Unlike planners you can buy from the store, bullet journals do not limit your creativity. For example you can make daily tasks into one spread, and the next two pages could be a collage or drawing.

Organizing your thoughts and ideas in one central place is a great way to help you become a better student and overall more organized person.