The Frame – Perks of Black and White Photography

    Why Black and White Photography is still Relevant Today


    Ansel Adams

    This is a famous example of black and white photography by Ansel Adams. It’s called “The Tetons and the Snake River”

    Black and White Photography is still relevant today for many reasons. Black and white photography emphasizes shadows a lot more. Because there is no color, it can be more difficult to use. One example of this is photographing the sunset. They’re beautiful and everything, but how can you make your reader feel it through looking at your photo?


    A good way of making your photo more interesting is through contrast. Contrast makes photos more appealing to the eye. Having a lot of ups and downs in the photo will create that drama needed to make your photo pop.


    You can take a good amount of info from the photo using shadows. They give you a form of contrast. It makes it easy for the viewer to tell where light is coming from. This makes your photo more pleasing to the eye, because it’s not as dull as it would be without shadows.

    Famous Examples of B&W Photography