The Globetrotter: Strolling in San Juan

San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico, is a beautiful place, pleasing to all eyes. It has amazing beaches and crystal blue water in reach of the vibrant city, making it rather versatile in the entertainment the city offers to tourists.

This coastal city is also a huge cruise port, with capacity for seven ships at a time, and gets roughly 2 million cruise passengers in a year.

I am the cat herder.

Not only that, it’s also quite attractive to cat people, as the Save a Gato Cat Sanctuary is easily accessible from the cruise docs and has masses of cats lazing around, bathing in sunlight. They rely on volunteering vets and donations to neuter the cats.

The sanctuary is open to anyone – meaning you can just walk in and start petting a bunch of cats. I pet 34 cats in a few hours – it was amazing, they were so warm. It’s located along the old city wall, and gives a great view of the harbor, though if you or someone in your tour group has mobility issues then maybe you should consider another attraction – something like a segway tour, as the park is on a large slope.

A lovely photo of the fort.

Another attraction is the San Juan National Historic Site, managed by the U.S. park service. It’s a large old fort, with informational and hands-on activities inside as well as a gift shop. Plus, you can sit on a cannon and take beautiful photos from the tall historic building.

You can also go swimming in the ocean on a vast coastline or a natural waterslide in the El Yunque National Forest, complete with kayaking. Or take a guided walking tour of Old San Juan, which is painted in all the colours of the rainbow, with a historic site around practically every corner.

There are plenty of things to do in San Juan, so no matter what you favor in your vacations, it’s an excellent place to go – even if you disregard any sort of guide and just wander around the less touristy parts of the city, which is always rather fun – so I advise you take a trip down to this lovely part of Puerto Rico.

A beautiful view of the old city wall and the harbor, taken from the cat sanctuary.