The Globetrotter: Ambling in Amsterdam

The capital of Holland, Amsterdam has many intriguing places and sights for any visitor.


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A view of the tourist hotspot I Amsterdam sign.

Amongst the top visited spots in Europe, Amsterdam is a classic. With the Anne Frank House, a hundred and sixty five canals, and the beautiful, multicolored tulip fields, it is truly some place to be admired.

If you visit, don’t plan to rent a car; the residents tend to whiz around on bikes, and cars must give way. Not only is it a cool part of the culture to experience, but it’s also the most convenient; since there are bike racks at almost every corner. Just be careful not to get caught on the cobblestones!

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A canal boat going down one of the many routes.

Aside from bikes, canal boats are another way for people to get around and see Amsterdam at the same time. Even if getting on one is a bit precarious – they aren’t tied up, you just have to jump into and out of the moving boat – they’re lovely to sit on. Most of them have bathrooms and tables, and sometimes you can sleep on them; I did.

There are also an incredible number of restaurants around the city, you can get practically any kind of cuisine if you know where to go. You can even walk off the main road and get a random food – sometimes just “mystery meat.”

Should you visit in the fall, you would get an incredible view of the autumn leaves descending onto the canal boats. Honestly, it looks like something out of a movie.

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The Anne Frank House is located along a canal.

Even without all those lovely things, the city has quite the extensive history. The Anne Frank House, of course, is one of the most iconic spots, and is a place that is taught about in almost every school. Churches are also historic, and beautiful in the same breath, and plenty abundant as in many other European cities.

I definitely recommend visiting Amsterdam if the opportunity comes up; the city is historic, multicultural, and breathtakingly beautiful. Even without doing a typical tourist itinerary, you can have a wonderful time. Visiting family, driving around the countryside, or just spending the night in a bed and breakfast and walking around with no particular path or goal in mind, you can find plenty of interesting places just ambling through the streets of one of the world’s most unique and beloved cities.
One of many Tulip fields.