The Globetrotter: Perusal in Paris

Paris is the destination city for romantics, but it’s far more than that.


Peter Bull

Sacré Cœur gives some of the best views in the city.

Paris is one of the most iconic places in Europe. It’s marveled as a cultural icon, with a hundred and thirty museums, universally known landmarks, amazing food, and of course, the romantic atmosphere that radiates from each and every restaurant, couple, and love lock.

Of course, it’s also a very dangerous practice to display love. The Love Lock Bridge is iconic, and many travel to Paris just to put a lock on this bridge to symbolize their forever love. However; locks have been discouraged, and now anyone found placing them can be charged with littering or vandalism as the bridges, gates, landmarks and such have been overloaded. Tourists, not sure which bridge is the right one have been putting their locks on any of the Paris bridges & Paris officials have now put a stop to it. When the sunlight hits them just right, it’s truly beautiful, if a bit bright on the eyes.

Megan Easley
Love locks on bridges in Paris.

Travelers need to do a little research before they visit though, as it’d be quite good for you to learn the language. Even a few words – merci, s‘il vous plaît, bonjour. Please and thank you are huge cultural must-dos, so it’s best to know them!

The city made of shining white marble is quite stunning to see, especially with massive churches and cathedrals.

Sacré-Cœur is located on the highest point in the city, and every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists climb the stairs up to the Catholic basilica, even though those stairs are enough to make your thighs burn and your heart pump so much that you can hear it over hundreds of people talking, as I would know.

From the church, you get a beautiful view of the city, making it ideal for photos and postcards. In fact, I have several pinned up on my fridge, as any well-traveled tourist does. A massive collection of postcards are a key part of any traveler’s home base, alongside a half-packed suitcase and an empty fridge that you don’t bother maintaining as you’ll be away anyway.

Diane Tovey
A shot of Paris, from Sacré Cœur.

As the city is regarded as a center of history, it has numerous museums, like the famed Musée d’Orsay. With art from the 19th and 20th centuries, it’s a beautiful place that’s on practically every itinerary you’ll find for the city.

But Paris isn’t just a tourist city. The every day places around the bustling metropolis is just as interesting as the museums. There are small local markets selling food you can’t really find in the States – like the Italian dish arancini, which I tried in a hidden market that wasn’t on any map I found – street performers that wow everyone who sees, bakeries that have fresh bread every morning, pianos in train stations, and so much more that just isn’t talked about to outsiders.

Paris is an amazing place, with versatile beauty. It’s something that should be on every travel list, and a place you really need to go to, and somewhere I’d undoubtedly go again if and when the opportunity arises.