Swinging Strong


The boys’ and girls’ golf teams have both had very successful seasons this year. The girls’ recently won at the district championships and the boys’ placed second. Both teams will be moving on to regionals and hope to continue their winning season.

Having only lost once in the past three years, the girls’ golf team were in a great position to take the district title. So it came as no shock when Norah Catlin led the team to a district win.

“I think Norah has a real chance of competing for a state title, she’s an outstanding golfer,” Girls’ golf coach, Jeremy Calzone commented.

The team also placed 2nd at the conference championship prior to the district win, and for the first time had an overall individual conference champion, Norah Caitlin.

Girl golf team members who competed included: Norah Catlin, Karlye Finn, Loryn Finn, Zoe Wood, and Mollie Lewis.

The team will not be losing any golfers after this season, so they hope to continue their success into the next season as well.

Golf team after successful district matches

The boys’ golf team is having their most successful season in years.

“We’ve had the best season record wise, in around 5 or 6 years. We have a stacked lineup this year compared to previous years,” Golf team captain Casey Moran explained.

The boys golf team were 8-5 in their conference matches, and placed 5th overall at the conference championship match.

The boys golf team members consist of: Fab Laude, Brenden Schmied, Alec Damien, Casey Moran, and Jack Nolting.

“In the conference tournament, they played well above what was expected,” Coach Horrigan added, “better than they’ve been in the past four or five years.”

Coach Horrigan is expecting big things from his team next year.

“They’re going to be working year round, which is going to make a huge difference. If they do that, next year is looking to be a pretty strong team,” Horrigan commented.