Fashion Flare- Spring style clothing edition

Downtown Tampa, Photographer; Avery Cheri Lee

Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Fashion Forward, InStyle, and Teen Vogue are my top picks for magazines. They are informative, fashionable, and make it easy to change your style from drab to fab!

As of today, you will be receiving new fashion tips from me to help you become more self confident without changing who you are. Fashion isn’t about changing yourself, its about changing your look to something that interests you.

Today’s topic is Spring style. Spring style revolves around eye-catching colors that bring out your vibe and personality; but one can tone it down by pairing those bright colors with neutrals. For example, my favorite color is maroon. Maroon is a vibrant color that holds a lot of potential, so too much of it at once could ruin the whole outfit. Jeans, a maroon top and a fashionable matching cover-up is great for any occasion.

A great outfit for spring is a neutral colored coverup, your favorite pair of light ripped jeans (or non-ripped), a fashionable tee, and the right shoes. This outfit is great for school with flats or converse that match. Or if you are feeling a fancy, cute look, throw on your favorite matching heels/pumps.

Pumps, heels, and flats are always a necessity; no matter what. If you are going out for a night on the town, throw your flats in your bag so you have a back-up if your heels becomes too unbearable.

Travel back to my page next week to learn about a spring makeup style!

XOXO – Melissa Harvey