Science fair sparks competitive spirit


It’s almost winter break, and as every year, there are students turning in their science fair projects. The dreaded trifold is, for some, one of their favorite parts of the year. The opportunity it grants them to compete with not only those in their school, but county and state as well is well valued by many students who pour hours, even days into their experiments and trifold.

“I spent a lot of time on science fair,” said Freshman, Lily Riley. “But I do every year. It’s fun for me, especially the chance to compete.”

This year, having an excellent project was more important than ever for any student who wanted to compete. Science teachers, where they had previously sent all students who turned in a project to the fair, this year were only allowed to send six students.

“It was somewhat hard picking students to go,” said Biology teacher, Fiorella McCosby. “There were a lot of good projects, and I wanted to give everyone who wanted to compete a slot, but there were only six.”

If your project isn’t in the top six of multiple classes, then you’re out – without regard to desires and wants.

“I really wanted to go to science fair,” said Sophomore, Vanessa Converse. “But I guess some other people had better projects than mine.”

The twelve students who will advance – Nate Jones, Urmi Thorat, Chase Olivanti, Megan Proctor, Skylar Barnes, AJ Persaud, Joe Rossman, Armani Williams, Pedro Fonseca, Nick Jung, Nistha Patel, and Leighann Golby, are all Freshmen students.

A few of the more aesthetically pleasing trifolds were put on the school website, and you can see a gallery below.