My Hero Academia: the next Naruto?

Three seasons in, this rising anime has shown that it’s a force to be reckoned with.



My Hero Acadmia promotional photo for Season 3.

With its third season recently finishing, My Hero Academia has become a household name in America as the next big anime to talk about. With this recent spike in popularity, viewers have started to wonder: could this new series become the next Naruto?

First airing in 2016, My Hero Academia revolves around the protagonist, a teenage Izuku Midoriya, living in a society ran by super-powered individuals who use their superpowers, or quirks, to combat crime. The only problem is, Midoriya is a rare case of an individual born without one of these quirks. Ever the optimist, this setback does not stop the green-haired protagonist’s determination to become a pro-hero. This determination leads him to run into his idol and the current #1 Hero, All Might, who passes on his overwhelming power to Midoriya in hopes that he will become the next great hero.

Image of #1 Hero All Might standing over Izuku Midoriya.

Academia is an anime that can be enjoyed with the whole family, with a wholesome plot and friendly themes that can appeal to hesitant parents as well as jaw-dropping action and intense fights that can appeal to both children and teenagers alike. The high school setting combined with this broad appeal of demographics makes this new series possibly the most accessible anime for American audiences since the now-iconic Naruto/Naruto Shippuden.

Season 3’s climax was undoubtedly the critically acclaimed All Might vs. All For One fight. Fans were clamoring over the villainous All For One since his terrifying introduction, and the resulting clash between the two forces of nature did not disappoint. One clip of the epic fight currently has over 5 million views on Youtube, while the episode currently sits at a 9/10 on IMDB, the highest rated episode of the season and currently the highest-rated episode the series has received so far.

Image taken of the heart-pounding brawl between All Might and All For One.
Image of Midoriya engaging the ripped Muscular in combat.

However, while the fans and critics were most entertained by the large scale of these two titanic forces butting heads, my favorite fight actually came earlier in the season, with Midoriya’s breathtaking fight against the ruthless villain Muscular. With stellar animation and music, this fight established Midoriya’s undying willingness to protect others, specifically a young boy previously skeptical of the superhero society.

With season 4 announced, a film recently released, a video game releasing this month, and a block on Adult Swim’s Toonami program, Academia is rapidly skyrocketing in popularity, and will only become more and more of a national phenomenon with each passing year. You can watch My Hero Academia on Crunychroll, Funimation, and Hulu, and can find tickets for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes on Fandango.

Promotional poster for the My Hero Academia movie.